Product Name : Skylight Smoke Vent
Product Description

Skylight Smoke Vent offers daylight and ventilation in the normal situation, and it increases the ventilation area to help to exhaust smoke and other contaminates.

  1. Natural Sunlight : When Skylight Smoke Vent is closed, natural sunlight still can permeate the building effectively. Without using electric lamps that increase energy bills, people could enjoy the sunshine interior.
  2. Good Ventilation : When Skylight Smoke Vent is closed, the heat still can be exhausted by two exhaust tubes on either side. It can increase productivity at work and boost your metabolism by improving air circulation in various buildings and decrease high indoor heat for efficient ventilation.
  3. Patented Leak-proof Design : When Skylight Smoke Vent is closed, it still provides a comfortable and dry indoor environment, and eliminate water leaks.
  4. Anti-Condensation : Get rid of permanently condensation by providing a ventilation system.
  5. Modularized rapid assembly:Multiple units are conjugated as many as we want due to modularized design.

Skylight Smoke Vent integrates three functions, natural sunlight, ventilation, and smoke vent in one product. This innovated design can effect extreme changes in the current eco-system.