Product Name : Skylight Vent
Product Description

Skylight ventis well accepted by the market for their energy cost reduction and easy-to-install assemblies. It has obtained many patents in different countries, including an invention patent in U.S., and it’s able to provide carbon emission reduction of buildings.

  1. Natural Sunlight : Instead of using electric lamps that increase energy bills, natural sunlight can permeate the building effectively. Also, people could enjoy the sunshine interior.
  2. Good Ventilation : Increase productivity at work and boost your metabolism by improving air circulation in various buildings and decrease high indoor heat for efficient ventilation
  3. Patented Leak-proof Design : Provide a comfortable and dry indoor environment, eliminate water leaks.
  4. Anti-Condensation : Get rid of permanently condensation by providing a ventilation system.
  5. Modularized rapid assembly : Modularized design shortening the installation time compared to conventional penthouse-type structures.
  6. Maintenance free: The lifetime is close to buildings’ because of high quality materials.

We believe that Skylight Vent integrates multiple benefits to alter your impression of an uninsulated environment in various buildings.