FIRST METAL’s skylight vents integrate multiple benefits to alter your rooted impression of an uninsulated environment in sheet iron houses. For example, this product improves poor lighting, limits hard construction, decreases heavy costs (due to frequent failures from roof exhaust fans), and prevents water leakages.

Natural Sunlight

Instead of using electric lamps that increase energy bills, natural sunlight can permeate the building effectively.

Good Ventilation

Improve air circulation in sheet metal houses and decrease high indoor heat for efficient ventilation.

Easy Construction

design components cut construction time when compared to conventional penthouse-type structures.

Leak Proof

To provide a comfortable and dry indoor environment, eliminate water leaks caused by conventional roof exhaust fans.

Product Assembly

Product Photos

Skylight Vent:Accessories vs. Application

Type \ Accessory

Accessory A
Skylight Vent
side plate
Accessory B
Corrugated sheet
fixed plate
Accessory C
Central ridge
enforcement plate
Plant on Corrugated Sheet
on Central Ridge
Container House