Company Overview

FIRST METAL PRODUCTS INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (FIRST METAL) was established in 2015. FIRST METAL has been devoted to the R&D of eco-friendly construction materials to deter global warming and provide a better living and stable environment. Featuring a pleasing appearance, natural sunlight, quick exhaust, low electricity usage, good ventilation, impervious to leaks, easy to install, and maintenance-free designs and materials. The FIRST METAL skylight vents (utility Patent No.: M470862 and M526600) are well accepted by the market for their energy cost reduction and easy-to-install assemblies. FIRST METAL owes a big debt of gratitude to all its customers and users.

Product Overview

The FIRST METAL skylight vents integrate multiple benefits to alter your rooted impression of an uninsulated environment in sheet iron houses. For example, this product improves poor lighting, limits hard construction, decreases heavy costs (due to frequent failures from roof exhaust fans), and prevents water leakages. FIRST METAL’s skylight vent is ideal for sheet metal houses....Read more